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Why has a drought been declared in parts of England?
An official drought has been declared in parts of southern, central and eastern England, what happens now?
12.08.2022 - 17:47

European Championships: Great Britain win bronze in men's team pursuit
Watch as Great Britain's Charlie Tanfield, Rhys Britton, Kian Emadi and Oliver Wood win bronze in the men's team pursuit at the European Championships.
12.08.2022 - 17:47

Hosepipe ban: Millions more face restrictions as drought is declared
Large parts of southern, central and eastern England are affected, amid arid conditions across the UK.
12.08.2022 - 17:47

Author Salman Rushdie attacked on stage in New York
Witnesses say they saw a man run on stage and either punch or stab the Booker Prize winner.
12.08.2022 - 17:43

Energy bills: Current support is not enough, says Boris Johnson
The outgoing PM says he is making sure money is in place for his successor to offer more help.
12.08.2022 - 17:04

Drought hits Germany's Rhine River: 'We have 30cm of water left'
The Rhine is a key shipping route for Germany and Europe - so what happens if it's too shallow to use?
12.08.2022 - 17:03

Suspected bank robber rescued from tunnel near Vatican
Police believe the alleged gang member could have been burrowing into a bank near the Vatican.
12.08.2022 - 16:51

Ryan Giggs' ex screamed in pain during 999 call, trial hears
The ex-Manchester United star denies using controlling behaviour and assaulting two women.
12.08.2022 - 16:48

Emmanuel Dennis: Nottingham Forest agree £20m deal for Watford striker
Nottingham Forest agree a £20m deal with Watford for striker Emmanuel Dennis.
12.08.2022 - 16:38

Chris Eubank Jr says he is 'finished with boxing' if he loses to Conor Benn
Chris Eubank Jr says he will be "finished" if he fails to beat Conor Benn when they fight on 8 October.
12.08.2022 - 16:10

Louis Thorold: Driver cleared by reason of insanity over Waterbeach pram death
Shelagh Robertson, 75, is cleared after a baby boy is killed when his pram is hit on the pavement.
12.08.2022 - 15:46

Tyson Fury says he will stay retired and 'walk away' from boxing
Tyson Fury says has "finally decided to walk away" from boxing after confirming he is staying retired.
12.08.2022 - 15:17

Edinburgh Zoo's oldest penguin dies in fox attack
The 35-year-old penguin was killed after the fox broke into its enclosure on Wednesday night.
12.08.2022 - 15:15

UK economy shrinks as outlook on recession darkens
The economy shrank by 0.1% leading some experts to warn a recession could start sooner than expected.
12.08.2022 - 14:51

Freya the walrus could be put down unless public back off, Norway warns
Freya the walrus, a popular attraction in the Oslo Fjord, is in danger from too much attention.
12.08.2022 - 14:06

The science of drought explained in pictures
What does drought mean and what are the implications for water, food, rivers and wildlife?
12.08.2022 - 13:53

Dust devil: Footage shows the whirlwind blowing in County Durham
Video filmed by emergency services shows the weather phenomenon in a field.
12.08.2022 - 13:43

Thousands more NHS beds to be created in England this winter
Health service chiefs have promised some 7,000 extra beds in England to tackle increased demands.
12.08.2022 - 13:38

In pictures: Stunning Sturgeon Moon lights up skies
Photographers around the globe capture the final supermoon of the year.
12.08.2022 - 13:23

European Championships: Great Britain women crash out of team sprint
Great Britain's women crash out of the team sprint event at the European Championships in Munich.
12.08.2022 - 12:58

Is there a hosepipe ban in my area?
A hosepipe ban is being introduced for some areas, but what about the rest of the UK?
12.08.2022 - 12:23

Eurovision 2023: Seven UK cities make shortlist to host song contest
Six contenders to stage the 2023 song contest are in England with one in Scotland.
12.08.2022 - 12:22

Bear cub high on hallucinogenic 'mad honey' rescued by park rangers
The animal was found incapacitated after consuming hallucinogenic rhododendron honey.
12.08.2022 - 12:19

Latest UK weather forecast: Extreme heat to continue through weekend
Extreme temperatures could have an impact on health and transport.
12.08.2022 - 11:57

The Ukraine ravers mixing parties with cleaning up war damage
As war continues in Ukraine, a youth group has come together to help the worst affected areas.
12.08.2022 - 09:56

‘I was a dentist before Ukraine war, I want to help others’
A Ukrainian refugee family who are dentists are highlighting barriers preventing them from practising.
12.08.2022 - 07:30

The Papers: 'Energy bills to hit £5,000' and 'heatwave UK'
An astronomical forecast for the yearly cost of energy and a likely drought declaration lead the papers.
12.08.2022 - 06:04

Kasabian's Serge Pizzorno: The band needed me to step up as frontman
Serge Pizzorno on replacing Tom Meighan, closing the Women's Euros and bringing out Peter Crouch.
12.08.2022 - 04:01

Melanoma: 'Doctors said my cancerous mole was fungus'
By the time BBC journalist Sarah Lee was able to get doctors to listen, her cancer had spread.
12.08.2022 - 03:58

Tory leadership election: Meet the overseas voters picking the next PM
Conservatives who are not UK citizens explain why they’re voting in the party’s leadership ballot.
12.08.2022 - 03:57

Heat: How different sectors are coping
A farmer, flower grower and animal rescue centre worker speak about the challenges of the conditions.
12.08.2022 - 03:56

Cantopop: Why Hong Kong is seeking solace in local music
Traumatised by political upheaval, people are reviving their interest in Cantonese-language music.
12.08.2022 - 01:42

Malta: The only EU country where abortion is illegal leaves women scared
Malta is the only EU state with a total ban on abortion, but some believe change could be coming.
12.08.2022 - 01:38

The librarian who defied the Taliban
Wahida Amiri became one of the leading voices against the Taliban's assault on women's rights.
12.08.2022 - 01:31


UK wildfires: Firefighters on tackling flames moving faster than you can run
Wildfires are uniquely challenging for fire crews and they are becoming much more frequent.
11.08.2022 - 19:47

The 'traumatic experience' of US monkeypox patients
"If you haven't lived through it, you have no idea the kind of pain this is," one man tells the BBC.
11.08.2022 - 19:06

Misinfo fills vacuum as Kenyans await election result
Some online users in Kenya have been sharing misleading claims about the results and the voting process.
11.08.2022 - 18:26

Quiz of the week: Why did the FBI 'raid' Donald Trump's home?
How closely have you been paying attention to what's been going on over the past seven days?
11.08.2022 - 17:59

The mystery deaths of two Saudi sisters in Sydney
There are many theories about what happened but it is clear Australia failed them, advocates say.
11.08.2022 - 17:40

In pictures: How heatwave is changing landscapes
High temperatures and lack of rain continues across Europe, as governments to issue health warnings
11.08.2022 - 16:18

Carrot ice lollies keeping animals cool in heatwave
More shade, extra fans and ice blocks are also being used at Hatton Country World near Warwick.
11.08.2022 - 07:13

'Every day it doesn't rain, the pressure mounts'
The heatwave will make conditions on England's farms worse as experts warn of smaller harvests.
11.08.2022 - 03:42


Can I refuse to work?
With much of the UK enduring another period of hot weather, some workers will face very high temperatures.
10.08.2022 - 17:46


Heatwave: How to keep your home cool
With temperatures rising, how can you stop your home overheating?
18.07.2022 - 18:39


What are the heat exhaustion and heatstroke symptoms?
Know the signs and what to do if someone is unwell in hot weather.
15.07.2022 - 17:23


How hot is it where you are?
Compare the temperature in your area to other locations in the UK and around the world.
16.06.2022 - 11:24


Heatwaves: All you need to know
Matt Taylor explains exactly what defines a heatwave in the UK.
15.06.2022 - 14:12