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Cameron 'sought Queen's help' over Scottish independence
The ex-PM spoke to royal officials about her "raising an eyebrow" at the prospect of independence.
19.09.2019 - 03:46

Justin Trudeau: Canada PM in 'brownface' 2001 yearbook photo
Justin Trudeau says he deeply regrets wearing skin-darkening make-up at an Arabian Nights-themed gala.
19.09.2019 - 08:57

Brexit: UK has 12 days to set out plans - Finnish PM
The Finnish PM says EU leaders need written proposals by the end of September.
19.09.2019 - 03:25

Indonesia haze: What it's like breathing in Asia's hazardous smoke
Authorities have tried to clamp down on the fires causing the annual haze - so why is it still happening?
19.09.2019 - 01:09

Chesterfield school anxiety pupil 'treated like truant'
Fourteen-year-old Kai wants to go to classes but has only attended about 15 days since January.
19.09.2019 - 02:33 still duping customers, says watchdog
The consumer watchdog claims the website is still using 'pressure-selling' tactics.
19.09.2019 - 02:34

John Humphrys hosts his final edition of Radio 4 Today programme
The veteran presenter bows out on Thursday after 32 years on the flagship show.
19.09.2019 - 07:37

Fukushima disaster: Nuclear executives found not guilty
It was the only criminal case to arise out of the world's worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl.
19.09.2019 - 08:27

Jason Lawrance appeals against vasectomy lie rape convictions
Jason Lawrance had consensual sex with a woman but the jury decided his lies negated the consent.
19.09.2019 - 02:14

Huge explosion at Turkish chemical factory
A blast propelled a metal tank into the air during a fire at a facility in Istanbul.
19.09.2019 - 03:59

Burger King ditches free toys and will 'melt' old ones
The fast food chain says it will no longer give away plastic toys with children's meals.
19.09.2019 - 01:10

Instagram clamps down on diet and cosmetic surgery posts
Some posts will now be hidden from under 18s while "miraculous" remedy posts will be banned.
19.09.2019 - 00:34

The Papers: PM told to show Brexit plan and Labour 'reform'
The EU giving Boris Johnson a deadline to deliver his Brexit plans features on some of the front pages.
19.09.2019 - 05:50

News Daily: Cameron 'sought Queen's help' in Scotland and Brexit ultimatum
Your morning briefing for 19 September 2019.
19.09.2019 - 07:20


Gareth Thomas: Are celebrity private lives no longer fair game?
Newspapers are facing a public outcry and legal defeats for intruding on famous people's privacy.
18.09.2019 - 22:22

Greta Thunberg attends Congressional hearing
Activist Greta Thunberg spars with US lawmaker on climate change at a Congressional hearing.
18.09.2019 - 23:19


Homophobic hate crime: Beaten-up for being gay
Homophobic hate crime reports in the UK have doubled since 2014, but charges are falling.
19.09.2019 - 01:37

The cheat hackers ‘ruining’ gaming for others
The use of cheats is a major problem in video games and it’s becoming increasingly lucrative as esports take off. We meet a teenage hacker’s making thousands.
19.09.2019 - 01:09

Bournemouth mum takes up boxing to improve mental health
Bournemouth mum Gemma Ruegg has won a regional title 10 weeks after giving birth to her daughter.
19.09.2019 - 01:09

The snakebite squad: Saving lives on two wheels
Kenya's motorbike ambulances are saving the lives and limbs of people bitten by snakes
19.09.2019 - 01:39


Australian hiker: 'I had to carry my broken leg'
An Australian hiker who was injured in a fall says he had to crawl for rescue
18.09.2019 - 18:09

'I did not want to humiliate' - Luxembourg PM
In a BBC exclusive, Xavier Bettel says it was never his intention to humiliate Boris Johnson.
18.09.2019 - 20:21

Human chain rescues stranded dolphins
The 14-person strong wall encouraged the dolphins to sea after being stranded in a canal in Florida for days.
18.09.2019 - 21:04


BBC Breakfast
Britain's most-watched news channel, delivering breaking news and analysis all day, every day.
03.09.2019 - 12:03


Is Nutella made with nuts picked by children?
Ferrero, the maker of Nutella, buys a third of Turkey's hazelnuts. But some Turkish nuts have been picked by children
19.09.2019 - 01:08


John Humphrys: What's it like to face the BBC's Today presenter?
As the presenter retires from the BBC's Today programme, politicians reflect on his tough interviews.
18.09.2019 - 16:12


London Fashion Week: Is UK fashion suffering from Brexiety?
The UK's fashion industry is worth £32bn, so here's what it thinks about Brexit.
19.09.2019 - 01:45


Teens in unregulated homes face 'organised abuse'
A BBC News investigation finds teenagers in care being placed at risk of abuse in unregulated homes.
18.09.2019 - 18:01


Black Midi: 'We'd rather be terrible than middle-of-the-road'
From the Brit School to the Mercury Prize, experimental foursome Black Midi defy musical convention.
19.09.2019 - 01:46

The Kurdish massacre survivor's 'mission from God'
The sole survivor of a massacre of women and children from a Kurdish village in 1988 now wants justice.
19.09.2019 - 01:11

Five years with turbulent Turkey's 'militant people'
Turkey's recent history has been an extraordinary and violent drama, the BBC's Mark Lowen writes.
19.09.2019 - 01:13


The 'brown girls' out to conquer Instagram
South Asian women are proudly taking ownership of their identities on social media
18.09.2019 - 20:22

New Zealand: Is the All Blacks' era of rugby dominance coming to an end?
As they prepare for an opener against South Africa and a bid for a third straight Rugby World Cup, are the All Blacks wobbling on their throne?
18.09.2019 - 17:01


Spurs have not learned from mistakes, says Kane
Harry Kane says Tottenham have not learned from their mistakes after they throw away a 2-0 lead against Olympiakos in the Champions League.
19.09.2019 - 00:00

No doubts over Fernandinho in defence - Man City boss Guardiola
Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola says he never doubted that Fernandinho would be comfortable playing in a back four.
19.09.2019 - 00:05

'The closer we get, the more I fancy England'
Former England scrum-half Matt Dawson answers five key questions as the start of the Rugby World Cup in Japan looms.
19.09.2019 - 07:34

Olympiakos 2-2 Tottenham: No signs of Spurs taking next step - Matthew Upson
Spurs will be delighted with a point after their performance at Olympiakos, says BBC Radio 5 Live pundit Matthew Upson, but they failed to control the game as their manager would want.
19.09.2019 - 07:21


Abbott takes 17 wickets to leave Somerset title hopes in balance
Somerset's Championship title hopes remain in the balance after Hampshire complete a 136-run victory at the Ageas Bowl.
18.09.2019 - 19:01


World Cup 2022: Qatar still failing to protect workers' rights, says Amnesty International
Workers helping to get Qatar ready for the 2022 World Cup continue to be mistreated despite promises to improve their rights, Amnesty International says.
19.09.2019 - 02:01

The five major challenges facing electric vehicles
The UK has committed to making all cars zero-emission by 2050. But what hurdles must be overcome?
19.09.2019 - 01:42


BBC Briefing on energy: how do I use it?
Your downloadable guide to the UK's energy system and why it must change to meet climate pledges.
17.09.2019 - 23:10

How an 11-year-old came to swim the Channel
At the age of 11, Tom Gregory became the youngest person ever to swim the English Channel.
02.02.2016 - 02:35