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St John's Wood: Firefighters tackle blaze at St Mark's church
Authorities say all local residents are safe and accounted for and the fire is under control.
27.01.2023 - 05:23

Tyre Nichols: Biden urges calm over Memphis police murder case
Video of the traffic stop arrest in Memphis that led to Tyre Nichols' death is due to be released on Friday.
27.01.2023 - 04:30

HS2 may not run through to central London - report
The government says it is committed to delivering the rail line to Manchester amid rising costs.
27.01.2023 - 04:29

George Santos: Drag queen claims embroil embattled congressman
A Republican who has criticised LGBT people becomes television comedy fodder as pictures from his past resurface.
27.01.2023 - 03:47

Liberal Democrats see Tory seats as way out of wilderness
Sir Ed Davey has a plan to avoid another Lib Dem general election flop but it will be a challenge.
27.01.2023 - 02:48

The lost history of Tynemouth's Holocaust safe house for girls
Following a BBC investigation, a blue plaque is to be unveiled celebrating the house's history.
27.01.2023 - 02:27

Asteroid 2023 BU: Space rock passes closer than some satellites
About the size of a bus, the space rock whipped over the southern tip of South America.
27.01.2023 - 01:57

MLMs: Lured into India's get-rich-quick selling schemes
QNET is being investigated by Indian authorities for suspected money-laundering.
27.01.2023 - 01:44

Africa's week in pictures: 20-26 January 2023
A selection of the best photos from across Africa and beyond this week.
27.01.2023 - 01:38

Mobile phone fraud: 'They stole £22,500 using my banking app'
Banks are being caught off guard by the growing threat of mobile phone fraud, says charity the Fraud Advisory Panel.
27.01.2023 - 01:02

Ferrari: Frederic Vasseur says team are aiming for title win this year
New Ferrari team principal Frederic Vasseur says it is "obvious" that his target is to win the title this year.
27.01.2023 - 01:01

Hundreds of thousands paying wrong tax fines
Those on the lowest incomes are being hit hardest by tax penalties, a non-profit says.
27.01.2023 - 01:01

The Papers: 'Rod attacks Tories' and 'Zahawi hands over taxes'
Many of Friday's papers cover HMRC's investigation into Nadhim Zahawi's tax affairs and Sir Rod Stewart comments about the Tory party.
27.01.2023 - 00:44


Hunt to set out plan for growth as criticism mounts
It will be scrutinised by businesses who claim the government has no long-term plan for the economy.
26.01.2023 - 23:58

Reanne Evans beats Stuart Bingham to become first woman to win a match at Snooker Shoot Out
Reanne Evans beats former world champion Stuart Bingham 60-8 to become the first woman to win a match in the one-frame Snooker Shoot Out in Leicester.
26.01.2023 - 23:50

Matt Hancock paid £320K for I'm a Celebrity appearance
The former health secretary says he donated £10,000 of the fee to two charities.
26.01.2023 - 22:51

They sold a Picasso to flee the Nazis - now their heirs want it back
In 1938, Woman Ironing was sold to escape Germany. Now the heirs of the original owner want it back.
26.01.2023 - 22:36

Marcelo Bielsa: Ex-Leeds boss in London for further talks with Everton over managerial vacancy
Marcelo Bielsa arrives in London for further talks with the Everton hierarchy as they search for a successor to Frank Lampard.
26.01.2023 - 21:47

No penalties for 'innocent' tax errors, HMRC boss says
Tory Party chairman Nadhim Zahawi is facing calls to resign, after it emerged he paid a penalty to HMRC.
26.01.2023 - 21:43

Egypt archaeology: Gold-covered mummy among latest discoveries
The mummy was found inside a sarcophagus that has remained unopened for 4,300 years.
26.01.2023 - 20:18

Transgender rapist Isla Bryson moved to men's prison
Isla Bryson had been remanded to a female prison after being convicted of raping two women before she changed gender.
26.01.2023 - 19:31

Pep Guardiola: 'Mikel Arteta wouldn't celebrate goals against Arsenal'
Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola looks back on his time working with Mikel Arteta, and recalls how his then-assistant coach would never celebrate goals against "his club" Arsenal.
26.01.2023 - 18:48

Gareth Southgate: England manager on decision to stay, World Cup & human rights
Gareth Southgate talks to BBC sports editor Dan Roan about his decision to remain England manager, the team's performance in Qatar and why he has no regrets.
26.01.2023 - 18:03

Quiz of the week: What was said about Doja Cat's Paris look?
How closely have you been paying attention to what's been going on over the past seven days?
26.01.2023 - 16:40

South Africa v England: Jofra Archer return headlines one-day series
Jofra Archer's return headlines an otherwise low-key one-day series in South Africa that begins a crucial year for the England men's team.
26.01.2023 - 15:49

NHS Tracker: Find out about hospital waiting times in your area this winter
Flu, staff shortages and Covid backlogs are putting the NHS under severe strain, find out what's happening in your area.
26.01.2023 - 13:07

'The joy of fen skating is a great metaphor for life'
Photographer Harry George Hall captures skaters during a rare moment when conditions are just right.
26.01.2023 - 07:20

Court bid to protect tenants from rent-to-rent ‘ghost landlords’
It's hoped a ruling to define what a property landlord is will help tenants in some of England's worst homes.
26.01.2023 - 02:35

Can these rocks really power light bulbs? No, say the experts
Viral videos of minerals with apparent electrical properties are not what they seem.
26.01.2023 - 01:47

Live music: How buying concert tickets could be made better
Concerts can be life-affirming. Buying tickets is the opposite. Here are eight possible solutions.
26.01.2023 - 01:46

Cost of living: Cash bonuses behind record number of bank switches
Up to £200 was offered by some banks to switching customers - prompting the most moves since 2013.
26.01.2023 - 01:03


Is Gibraltar stuck between a rock and a hard place?
As talks resume on its future, the British overseas territory fears for its sovereignty and border.
25.01.2023 - 16:52

Cost of living: Woman puts cat down jumper to keep warm
Sharon Hearn says she can only afford to heat her home for two hours a day.
25.01.2023 - 06:56


Energy saving scheme: What is the energy saving scheme for electricity?
A scheme to reward people for cutting back on electricity use is running for a second day.
24.01.2023 - 10:00


Cost of living: Five tips when asking for a pay rise
Recruiters, a manager and a workplace psychologist give their advice on how to negotiate for more money.
23.01.2023 - 12:49


NHS pressures: Staff leave social care for more money
One worker found social care "very rewarding" and would return if he could get truck driver wages.
21.01.2023 - 08:29


Energy bills rise for 2.5 million homes on Economy 7
Customers on Economy 7 tariffs see bills rise 7.6% despite the government fixing prices until April.
20.01.2023 - 01:13


Why inflation is falling but prices are still rising
We report this percentage every month but here are three things you may not know.
19.01.2023 - 01:04


Can I get a Cold Weather Payment and how much are they?
Cold Weather Payments are available to some when there is a run of sub-zero temperatures.
18.01.2023 - 12:44

UK inflation rate calculator: How much are prices rising for you?
Use our calculator to find out how much the cost of living is going up in your household.
18.01.2023 - 08:08