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Radio 1's Big Weekend lands in Coventry
Harry Styles, Ed Sheeran and Anne-Marie are among the artists performing at this year's festival.
28.05.2022 - 13:19

EasyJet to cancel more than 200 half-term flights from Gatwick
The airline apologises and Tui also axes flights - as queues form at the Port of Dover.
28.05.2022 - 12:49

Excitement in Liverpool ahead of Paris final
Liverpool traders say the city is "the next best thing to Paris" ahead of the final.
28.05.2022 - 12:38

Trump: US should fund safe schools before Ukraine
Mr Trump rejects calls for gun control, saying Americans must be allowed to defend themselves from "evil".
28.05.2022 - 12:32

Chelsea sale: Todd Boehly consortium set to complete deal on Monday
Chelsea say a "final and definitive agreement" was entered into on Friday night to sell the club to the consortium led by LA Dodgers co-owner Todd Boehly.
28.05.2022 - 11:17

Uvalde shooting: Texas shooting response was wrong, says official
"Please send the police now," one girl pleaded as officers waited over an hour to storm the classroom.
28.05.2022 - 09:25

Armed female bystander kills man firing at party in West Virginia
A woman at a birthday party drew her pistol and left the gunman with multiple wounds, police say.
28.05.2022 - 09:25

Black history: Can school curriculum help curb racism?
Onyx Uwandulu says her school days were "traumatising" and the right education could help.
28.05.2022 - 08:44

Leicester widow petitions for progress on betting law review
Annie Ashton has called for a review of the law since her husband Luke killed himself.
28.05.2022 - 08:33

Newspaper headlines: 'Holiday madness' and 'PM trying to save his skin'
Travel disruption across the UK and changes to the ministerial code lead the papers on Saturday.
28.05.2022 - 06:59

Bristol mayor flies nine hours for TED climate conference
Climate campaigners question Marvin Rees' decision to fly to Vancouver to attend a conference.
28.05.2022 - 02:58

Ukrainian refugees are now living in the UK - so how is it going?
Some 53,000 Ukrainian refugees have come to the UK - so how has it been working out?
28.05.2022 - 02:25

Sabotage and pistols - was Ellen Willmott gardening's ‘bad girl’?
History has portrayed horticulturalist Ellen Willmott as a rude saboteur - but new evidence suggests otherwise.
28.05.2022 - 02:15

Star Hobson: Why do these child deaths keep happening?
A review says links between child protection agencies must improve, but we've been here before - writes Alison Holt.
28.05.2022 - 02:11

Ukraine war: Russian anti-war protesters flee to Armenia hoping for safety
More than 100,000 Russians have left for Armenia, many of them protesters fearing arrest at home.
28.05.2022 - 02:08

Germany's Scholz wobbles on tanks for Ukraine
Chancellor Olaf Scholz has appeared slow to respond to Russia's onslaught on its neighbour.
28.05.2022 - 02:05

Monkeypox and gay men: Separating stigma from health advice
A large proportion of cases diagnosed in the UK are among gay and bisexual men.
28.05.2022 - 02:02

Week in pictures: 21 - 27 May 2022
A selection of powerful images from all over the globe, taken in the past seven days.
28.05.2022 - 02:01

Queen's jubilee £3m fund to help English village halls
The government hopes the repairs fund will help create a jubilee legacy for villages in England.
28.05.2022 - 01:52

How Danny Boyle brought the Sex Pistols to life
The cast of Danny Boyle's TV series reveal how they turned themselves into the iconic 70s punk band.
28.05.2022 - 01:36

Siblings reunited 75 years after India Partition
The family in Punjab found out about their sister in Pakistan two years ago and finally met her last month.
28.05.2022 - 01:14

Somerset couple live their 1930s dream lifestyle
Lisa and Neil Fletcher use 1930s appliances around their home and always dress in period clothes.
28.05.2022 - 01:11

The man turning mud into eco-friendly 'concrete'
Gnanli Landrou has invented a special powder that turns earth into a greener version of concrete
28.05.2022 - 01:09

Ukraine conflict: The families living in an underground station for three months
Families who have been sheltering in a metro station since the start of the war now fear eviction.
28.05.2022 - 01:06

Scott McKendry: Belfast poet shaped by working-class childhood
A Belfast poet is challenging perceptions that working-class communities are not interested in poetry.
28.05.2022 - 01:02


Uvalde shooting: In the face of tragedy, how the Texas town is coping
Many in Uvalde say they feel lost after the school massacre, but their faith is a source of strength.
27.05.2022 - 23:49

Keely Hodgkinson 'expecting more of herself' in Eugene
British Olympic silver medallist Keely Hodgkinson says she wants to be a dominant force on the Diamond League circuit this season.
27.05.2022 - 23:09

Ukraine round-up: Donbas town falls as ex-reporter urges Russians to turn off TV
There has been intense fighting in Lyman and Kyiv says pro-Russian forces control most of the city.
27.05.2022 - 21:34

Ukraine war: Troops could quit Severodonetsk amid Russian advance - official
Russian forces are in part of Severodonetsk and could surround local troops, an official says.
27.05.2022 - 21:25

2022 Champions League final: Up to 60,000 Liverpool fans expected in Paris
Liverpool will look to win European club football's most prestigious prize for the seventh time when they face Real Madrid in a mouth-watering Champions League final in Paris on Saturday.
27.05.2022 - 21:02

Ministers won't be sacked for minor rule breaking, under new guidelines
New guidelines say ministers may be asked to apologise or lose pay for breaching standards rules.
27.05.2022 - 19:17

Watch: Karim Benzema's best La Liga goals for Real Madrid this season
Watch some of Karim Benzema's best moments from this season's La Liga before Real Madrid's Champions League final against Liverpool this weekend.
27.05.2022 - 18:28

Ukraine war in maps: Tracking the Russian invasion
Ukrainian troops are under heavy bombardment as Russian forces inch towards key targets.
27.05.2022 - 13:42

'Switch off the TV': Former Russian-state journalist's plea to Russians
Zhanna Agalakova quit her job in March over the invasion of Ukraine and is now in exile.
27.05.2022 - 13:36

How do I get the £400 energy grant and the £650 one-off payment?
The chancellor says the new support will help with soaring bills, so how will you receive the money?
27.05.2022 - 12:54

Liam Farrell: Wigan Warriors forward out to emulate Challenge Cup legends in final
Wigan's 2022 side hope to emulate club legends in Saturday's Challenge Cup final against Huddersfield, says Liam Farrell.
27.05.2022 - 10:34

Whitby Dracula gathering smashes vampire fancy dress world record
A total of 1,369 people attended Whitby Abbey in North Yorkshire dressed as vampires, organisers say.
27.05.2022 - 10:31

Josh Cavallo: Proud my coming out inspired Jake Daniels
Australian Josh Cavallo became the only current openly gay professional footballer after he came out last year.
27.05.2022 - 07:01

Russian oligarchs: Inside K-Cell - the UK police unit raiding their homes
The BBC gets exclusive access to the crime-fighting team causing "friction" for sanctioned oligarchs
27.05.2022 - 02:46

What weapons are being given to Ukraine by the UK?
The government is spending £1.3bn on military support, so how much of a difference is it making?
27.05.2022 - 02:45

Soaring fertiliser prices force farmers to rethink
Research into replacements for nitrogen-based fertilisers has been spurred by high prices and climate concerns.
27.05.2022 - 01:06