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Lockdowns linked to tenfold rise in child sex imagery
A charity says its data highlights how predators took advantage of the worldwide Covid-19 situation.
27.01.2023 - 01:51

Hemp makes a comeback in the construction industry
A revival of hemp cultivation in Portugal has spurred the use of hemp blocks in construction.
27.01.2023 - 01:07

Warning over risky electric blankets sold online
The consumer rights group Which? found products being sold online that could cause electric shocks.
27.01.2023 - 01:05


US hacks back against Hive ransomware crew
The US Department of Justice says its operation against the cyber gang was a 21st Century stakeout.
26.01.2023 - 21:41

Donald Trump to be allowed back on to Facebook and Instagram
The social media firm Meta said the former US president's suspension will end "in the coming weeks".
26.01.2023 - 11:44

Punchbags become smart with activity-tracking cover
BBC Click’s Lara Lewington tries out some of the latest fitness technology.
26.01.2023 - 11:08

Iranian and Russian hackers targeting politicians and journalists, warn UK officials
Politicians and journalists are being targeted with espionage attacks, the UK government is warning.
26.01.2023 - 01:38


Twitter sued over antisemitic posts left online
Two groups in Germany claim the social network has betrayed users' trust.
25.01.2023 - 18:08

Microsoft says services have recovered after widespread outage
Tens of thousands of users of Outlook and Teams were affected earlier on Wednesday.
25.01.2023 - 17:32


US accuses Google of 'driving out' ad rivals
A federal lawsuit alleges the tech giant's anti-competitive actions mean more websites need paywalls.
24.01.2023 - 21:51

Elon Musk says Tesla tweet was genuine in fraud case
The billionaire is accused of defrauding investors after a tweet claiming he had support for a deal.
24.01.2023 - 20:49

Ticketmaster apologises for Taylor Swift tour sales fiasco
The company says it faced an "unprecedented" software attack when the star's Eras tour went on sale.
24.01.2023 - 20:12

Climate change: Bill Gates backs Australian start-up targeting cow burps
Livestock - such as cows - produce methane when their stomachs are digesting hard fibres.
24.01.2023 - 05:16

Heat pumps: The 'geeks' obsessing over their new heating systems
More people are heating their homes with heat pumps and some are getting data obsessed.
24.01.2023 - 01:10


BT customer contracts face probe by regulator
Ofcom says it is looking into whether two BT companies, EE and Plusnet, have breached rules.
23.01.2023 - 21:37

ChatGPT: Microsoft to invest billions in chatbot maker OpenAI
It announces a "multi-year, multibillion dollar investment" with OpenAI to accelerate breakthroughs.
23.01.2023 - 18:43

Spotify cuts jobs in latest round of tech layoffs
The music-streaming company says it is shedding 6% of its workforce.
23.01.2023 - 15:43

Merriam-Webster buys Wordle-style hit game Quordle
US dictionary publisher Merriam-Webster buys Quordle, a Wordle-style five-letter-word guessing game.
23.01.2023 - 15:25


Google parent Alphabet to cut 12,000 jobs
Six per cent of Alphabet's workforce will be lost worldwide, and US staff will be affected immediately.
20.01.2023 - 13:30

I have low vision, so I built an app to help others like me
Adjustable smartphone camera filters change how things look, helping users see more easily.
20.01.2023 - 12:53

Crypto lender Genesis files for bankruptcy
The cryptocurrency lender’s collapse is the latest blow to the sector.
20.01.2023 - 10:10

Dentists warn of permanent damage from clear braces ordered online
One man said his teeth were not strong enough to bite an apple after wearing aligners bought remotely.
20.01.2023 - 04:01

The race to make diesel engines run on hydrogen
Ordinary diesel trucks could be converted to a hydrogen-diesel mix, according to researchers in Australia.
20.01.2023 - 01:23


New FTX boss John Ray could bring back bankrupt crypto firm
John Ray said he may restart the platform to try to recover "value" for customers who lost money.
19.01.2023 - 19:36

What are Meta's Quest Pro and HTC’s Vive XR Elite like to use?
BBC News technology editor Zoe Kleinman tries two new headsets that can transport you to virtual worlds.
19.01.2023 - 15:51

Cyber-crime gangs' earnings slide as victims refuse to pay
New research points to a positive trend with ransomware gangs' profits dropping 40% in 2022.
19.01.2023 - 14:07

'I use Call of Duty to speak to my family in Iran'
Iranians in Birmingham reveal how turmoil in their homeland affects their health and livelihoods.
19.01.2023 - 07:21


Twitter's bird statue sells for $100,000 at auction
After axing staff and scrapping perks, Twitter offloads surplus supplies
18.01.2023 - 22:58

Bitzlato crypto founder charged with $700m financial crimes
Bitzlato co-founder Anatoly Legkodymov is accused of helping to process $700m in illicit funds.
18.01.2023 - 22:47

Microsoft to cut 10,000 jobs as spending slows
Chief executive Satya Nadella says cuts will cost $1.2bn (£972m) as tech firms scale back staff numbers.
18.01.2023 - 18:51

AI image creator faces UK and US legal challenges
Getty Images, one of the worlds biggest picture agencies, is taking action against Stability AI.
18.01.2023 - 12:05

Elon Musk trial: Prospective jurors call him narcissistic, smart
He could be ordered to pay billions of dollars in damages if he loses the fraud lawsuit over a tweet.
18.01.2023 - 07:43

Netflix offers pay package of up to $385,000 for flight attendant
The role on its private jets requires "discretion and outstanding customer service skills".
18.01.2023 - 05:06

Gamers say goodbye to Google's Stadia as platform shuts
All purchases are being refunded - but there are worries some games will be lost forever.
18.01.2023 - 04:29

FTX: Collapsed crypto exchange says $415m was hacked
Last week the company told a bankruptcy judge in Delaware that it had recovered over $5bn in assets.
18.01.2023 - 03:56


Nick Cave says ChatGPT's AI attempt to write Nick Cave lyrics 'sucks'
The musician responds after a popular chatbot produces lyrics "in the style of Nick Cave".
17.01.2023 - 12:47

Wikipedia criticises 'harsh' new Online Safety Bill plans
The legislation shouldn't treat community-run sites like big tech firms its foundation says.
17.01.2023 - 09:17

'It had just vanished' - the shock when tech fails
Cloud computing is a popular way for firms to buy computing but, when it fails, chaos ensues.
17.01.2023 - 01:29


Industrial espionage: How China sneaks out America's technology secrets
The true extent of commercial spying is unknown but experts say it is "pervasive".
16.01.2023 - 23:08

Twitter: Five ways Elon Musk has changed the platform for users
Twitter users say the social network has "a different vibe" since the billionaire took charge.
16.01.2023 - 16:56


How drones could be the future of Indian farming
Companies in India are encouraging farmers to switch to drones - but is that working?
15.01.2023 - 03:50


Lucky Girl Syndrome: Smug TikTok trend or life-changing positivity?
Lucky Girl Syndrome promotes positive thinking, manifesting good vibes and is spreading online.
14.01.2023 - 01:03


India targets China's dominance in mobile phones
There's some way to go, but India hopes to build its own world-class mobile phone industry.
13.01.2023 - 13:46


Could floating solar farms survive out at sea?
Engineers are working on building solar farms robust enough to survive in the open ocean.
10.01.2023 - 01:08


Ukraine war: What does facial recognition software make of Putin’s backdrop crowd?
There's been speculation public meetings with President Putin have been staged.
07.01.2023 - 00:05


Flying boats and other tech for cleaner shipping
The shipping industry is experimenting with foils, sails and fuel to make itself less carbon intensive.
06.01.2023 - 01:04


Gadgets unveiled at CES but Russia is banned
Thousands have come to Las Vegas for one of the world's largest technology shows.
04.01.2023 - 11:55


Tech trends 2023: Flying taxis and satellite phones
From the latest in electric aircraft to the satellites that connect to phones, next year's emerging tech.
23.12.2022 - 01:06


The cargo hauling aircraft with no pilots on board
Rejecting deliveries to the doorstep, some drone makers are betting on bigger pilot-free aircraft.
20.12.2022 - 01:04


Using artificial intelligence to spot breast cancer
An Indian company has developed a cheaper, non-invasive test for breast cancer that uses thermal imaging and AI.
26.11.2022 - 01:13