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Hong Kong: Facebook, Google and Twitter among firms 'pausing' police help
Twitter and Telegram also put a halt to processing data requests, but Apple has not commented.
06.07.2020 - 22:36

Huawei: UK government weighs up ban of Chinese firm's telecoms kit
The National Cyber Security Centre has presented its report into the Chinese firm to government.
06.07.2020 - 15:55

Nintendo condemns alleged abuse in Smash Bros community
The Super Smash Bros maker condemns 'absolutely impermissible' behaviour in its competitive scene.
06.07.2020 - 16:36

Reddit and LinkedIn to stop copying iPhone clipboards
Both apps were found to be regularly looking at the clipboards.
06.07.2020 - 13:18

Black Lives Matter: Can viral videos stop police brutality?
Do viral videos like the one captured of George Floyd's death actually reduce police abuse?
06.07.2020 - 02:05

Last of Us 2 developer condemns death threats and harassment
People who work for game developer Naughty Dog have revealed abusive messages they've received.
06.07.2020 - 13:40

Robotic scientists will 'speed up discovery'
Robotic scientists could speed up scientific discovery, while human scientists work from home, developers say.
06.07.2020 - 08:36


Coronavirus: Why Singapore turned to wearable contact-tracing tech
The TraceTogether Token is designed to make an app more effective, but worries privacy campaigners.
05.07.2020 - 01:01


Drone and light aircraft in 'near miss' outside Perth
The drone put those on board the aircraft in danger as it flew in restricted airspace near Perth, police say.
06.07.2020 - 15:30

Coronavirus: Fujitsu announces permanent work-from-home plan
The programme will offer "unprecedented flexibility" to 80,000 workers in Japan, says Fujitsu.
06.07.2020 - 07:21


Teesside, Darlington and Hartlepool rolls out rental e-scooter trial
One hundred rental e-scooters will be available in Teesside, Darlington and Hartlepool.
03.07.2020 - 08:10


Minecraft: Lockdown lesson recreates ancient island tomb
The video game Minecraft becomes the perfect inspiration for some home schooling on Bronze Age history.
05.07.2020 - 01:20


Meet the socially distant robot scientist
While the research labs have been locked down, one robotic scientist has continued experimenting 24/7.
06.07.2020 - 01:07


Can a BBC reporter make better pizza than a machine?
Picnic's machine is able to put together 300 pizzas an hour, but can a human make something tastier?
04.07.2020 - 14:38


Humanoid robot set for film role and other tech news
BBC Click's Jen Copestake looks at the best of the week's technology stories.
03.07.2020 - 07:57

Top tips for making sure what you're seeing online is legitimate
Members of the BBC's disinformation team offer tips on how to verify photos and videos.
03.07.2020 - 01:01

Is Facebook losing the boycott battle?
An advertising boycott wants Facebook to do more about hate speech and misinformation.
03.07.2020 - 01:26


'Horrible' offices look to tempt back workers
Landlords are hoping cleaner, more convenient and more intelligent offices will tempt back workers.
07.07.2020 - 01:06


The gaming boss who gets addicted to the games
Andrew Day, the CEO of games developer Keywords Studios, tries not to play the titles himself.
06.07.2020 - 01:01


Coronavirus: A lockdown journey from couch to kettlebells
Sometimes life throws you curveballs - and at the moment they're shaped like kettlebell weights.
03.07.2020 - 01:35


Ms Marvel: Trailblazing Muslim superhero goes gaming
Marvel's first Islamic superhero will play a leading role in the forthcoming Avengers video game.
02.07.2020 - 01:03


BBC Sport website at 20: How the site has changed over the past two decades
To mark the BBC Sport website's 20th anniversary, we look back at how the changing needs of sports fans helped shape its history.
03.07.2020 - 08:05