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Facebook owner Meta plans to create Twitter rival
A text-based version of Instagram could potentially let users carry across followers from other apps.
09.06.2023 - 13:27

Aberdeen AI trial helps doctors spot breast cancers
BBC Click had exclusive access to a trial exploring the impact of using AI in breast screenings.
09.06.2023 - 04:32


Stay ahead in AI race, tech boss urges West
The chief executive of a software firm says adversaries must not be allowed to catch up.
08.06.2023 - 14:51

Twitch scraps ad changes after streamers leave platform
One streamer tells BBC News this is the push he needed to leave the platform altogether.
08.06.2023 - 13:09

Warning firms may use brain data to watch workers
The data watchdog examined a range of potential future uses of “neurotech” in a new report.
08.06.2023 - 12:04

Crypto: 24-hour cooling-off period included in ad overhaul
Crypto bosses could face up to two years' imprisonment if they fail to comply with the new rules.
08.06.2023 - 02:20


BBC, BA and Boots issued with ultimatum by cyber gang Clop
The group warns personal details of 100,000 staff will be published if employers do not get in touch.
07.06.2023 - 16:12

TikTok: ByteDance accused of helping China spy on Hong Kong activists
The Beijing-based firm has denied Chinese Communist Party members were allowed to access user data.
07.06.2023 - 07:58

Vision Pro: BBC editor tries out Apple's $3,499 headset
Zoe Kleinman shares her thoughts on Apple's Vision Pro mixed-reality device after its big launch.
07.06.2023 - 03:05


US sues Coinbase as crypto crackdown widens
The Securities and Exchange Commission says the company has not followed financial rules.
06.06.2023 - 23:49

Technology minister urges caution on AI 'Terminator' warnings
Paul Scully says there should be more of a focus on the good artificial intelligence can do.
06.06.2023 - 19:49

'Ducking hell' to disappear from Apple autocorrect
One of the most common swear words will no longer be automatically changed when typing.
06.06.2023 - 18:23

MoveIt hack: What action can data-breach victims take?
Experts give advice to the more than 100,000 warned their personal data is in the hands of cyber-criminals.
06.06.2023 - 13:58

Vision Pro: Apple's new augmented reality headset unveiled
The high price and two-hour battery life raise questions about how popular the new device will be.
06.06.2023 - 13:31

Microsoft to pay $20m for child privacy violations
The tech giant used data collected from child Xbox users without telling parents, US regulators say.
06.06.2023 - 03:20

Why millions of usable hard drives are being destroyed
It is estimated that 90% of hard drives are destroyed. Why aren't more wiped and reused?
06.06.2023 - 01:01


MOVEit hack: BBC, BA and Boots among cyber attack victims
Staff at multiple organisations are warned of a payroll data breach after an IT supplier is hacked.
05.06.2023 - 20:55

Linda Yaccarino replaces Elon Musk as Twitter boss
The former head of advertising at NBCUniversal is starting earlier than expected.
05.06.2023 - 18:57

Who is Linda Yaccarino, Twitter's 'superwoman'?
Linda Yaccarino has started her new post as chief executive of Twitter, a few weeks ahead of schedule.
05.06.2023 - 16:55

'Instagram seller quoted me £500 for a GCSE paper'
Scams are becoming more common, with fraudsters charging up to £4,000 per paper, exam boards warn.
05.06.2023 - 12:18


F1: Finding Vettels of the future on the eSports circuit
The virtual track is helping the world's biggest racing teams spot rising talent and win new fans.
03.06.2023 - 01:58


Twitch streamer Puppers, who lived with MND, dies aged 32
The gamer, known for playing Dead by Daylight, dies after being diagnosed with motor neurone disease.
02.06.2023 - 21:05

US Air Force denies AI drone attacked operator in test
A virtual experiment was described by a senior official at a conference, but he now says he "mis-spoke".
02.06.2023 - 15:37

Elon Musk's Twitter loses second trust and safety chief
Ella Irwin is the second person to leave the role since Mr Musk bought Twitter in October 2022.
02.06.2023 - 12:47

iPhone in India: Foxconn to manufacture smartphones in Karnataka by April 2024
Apple's decision to manufacture iPhones in India aims at diversifying away from China
02.06.2023 - 07:25

The tech tricks that make computer games look real
Computer games are becoming indistinguishable from photos or videos of the real world.
02.06.2023 - 01:13


Powerful artificial intelligence ban possible, government adviser warns
Systems above a certain power may need to be stopped, a member of the government's AI Council says.
01.06.2023 - 20:53

Amazon to pay $25m over child privacy violations
The online giant is also penalised for allowing Ring doorbell workers access to customer recordings.
01.06.2023 - 12:22

AI: War crimes evidence erased by social media platforms
Footage of potential human rights abuses may be lost after platforms delete it, the BBC has found.
01.06.2023 - 01:01


AI 'godfather' Yoshua Bengio feels 'lost' over life's work
Canadian computer scientist Yoshua Bengio tells the BBC he did not realise AI would develop so fast.
31.05.2023 - 17:25

Music streaming royalties to be discussed by government
It will look into claims of unfairness amid reports labels receive the lion's share of royalties.
31.05.2023 - 14:51

Elon Musk: Tesla boss on first China trip in over three years
The multi-billionaire has not yet publicly commented on the visit, which comes amid US-China tensions.
31.05.2023 - 07:17


Nvidia briefly worth $1 trillion thanks to AI boom
Investors excited about the possibilities for artificial intelligence have sent the US chipmaker's value soaring.
30.05.2023 - 22:22

Elizabeth Holmes: Inside the routine at the Federal Prison Camp in Bryan, Texas
Here's what we know about the Prison Camp in Bryan, Texas, where Holmes will serve her 11-year sentence.
30.05.2023 - 22:14

Theranos CEO Elizabeth Holmes begins 11-year prison sentence
The Theranos founder, 39, was convicted last year of defrauding investors and wire fraud.
30.05.2023 - 21:09

Elizabeth Holmes has gone to prison. Will she ever pay victims too?
Experts say victims often never get their money back from those who defrauded them.
30.05.2023 - 19:46

Artificial intelligence could lead to extinction, experts warn
Heads of OpenAI, Google Deepmind and Anthropic say the threat is as great as pandemics and nuclear war.
30.05.2023 - 18:32

Ministers seek to understand more about video games
The government wants stronger evidence on psychological impacts of gaming and how the industry works.
30.05.2023 - 18:20

Nvidia: The chip maker that became an AI superpower
Innovation and good timing combined to make California's Nvidia the dominant firm for AI computer chips.
30.05.2023 - 17:28

Foxconn: iPhone maker hikes pay ahead of new model launch
Foxconn's move comes ahead of the expected launch of Apple's iPhone 15 later this year.
30.05.2023 - 07:34

Amazon to offer parents term-time-only working
The online giant is offering a flexible contract but the GMB union says workers want higher pay.
30.05.2023 - 04:45

The 'exploding' demand for giant heat pumps
Whole towns in Europe are being heated by huge, energy efficient heat pumps.
30.05.2023 - 01:23


Capita hack: 90 organisations report data breaches to watchdog
The privacy watchdog is urging groups using the outsourcing giant to check if data has been exposed.
29.05.2023 - 20:26

FTX: Singapore state fund Temasek cuts pay after failed investment
Last year, Temasek Holdings wrote off all of the $275m (£222.8m) it had invested in FTX.
29.05.2023 - 06:03


ChatGPT: US lawyer admits using AI for case research
The lawyer told the judge he did not know content from the artificial intelligence could be false.
28.05.2023 - 00:20


Twitter pulls out of voluntary EU disinformation code
"You can run but you can't hide," commissioner Thierry Breton warns Twitter over upcoming rules.
27.05.2023 - 16:26


Neuralink: Why is Elon Musk’s brain chip firm in the news?
Elon Musk’s brain chip firm Neuralink has received the US regulatory green light for its first human clinical trial, after earlier controversies.
26.05.2023 - 20:15

Neuralink: Elon Musk's brain chip firm wins US approval for human study
The billionaire's Neuralink implant company wants to help restore people's vision and mobility.
26.05.2023 - 17:25

ChatGPT-maker U-turns on threat to leave EU over AI law
OpenAI's Sam Altman previously said if it fails to comply with the forthcoming AI Act, it might exit the EU.
26.05.2023 - 11:26

Twitter engineering boss Foad Dabiri quits day after DeSantis launch glitches
Ron DeSantis' launch of his White House presidential campaign was hit by technical problems.
26.05.2023 - 06:15


PlayStation Showcase 2023: Spider-Man 2 impresses, Project Q confuses
Against huge hype, the console giant's games reveal sparks a mix of excitement and disappointment.
25.05.2023 - 12:49

Microsoft: Chinese hackers hit key US bases on Guam
The malware hit facilities on Guam that would be critical to any US response to an invasion of Taiwan.
25.05.2023 - 12:11


Watch: Brain implants help paralysed man to walk again
A paralysed man has been able to walk simply by thinking about it, thanks to electronic brain implants
24.05.2023 - 17:05

Brain implants help paralysed man to walk again
A paralysed man has been able to walk simply by thinking about it, thanks to electronic brain implants
24.05.2023 - 17:04

Virgin Orbit: Branson’s rocket dream ends after mission failure
The British billionaire's bankrupt satellite launch firm had been looking to boost its finances.
24.05.2023 - 13:33

Minister attacks Meta boss over Facebook message encryption plan
Minister Tom Tugendhat criticises Mark Zuckerberg over Facebook's extension of message encryption.
24.05.2023 - 11:53

Chip war: Apple strikes major US-made semiconductor deal
The firm reaches an agreement with Broadcom as the tech trade row between US and China intensifies.
24.05.2023 - 05:35


ChatGPT: Can China overtake the US in the AI marathon?
Washington's efforts to limit China's access to crucial cutting-edge technology continue.
23.05.2023 - 23:18

Meta loses millions as made to sell Giphy to Shutterstock
Social-media giant Meta was ordered to sell Giphy by the UK's Competition and Markets Authority.
23.05.2023 - 16:49

AI scanner used in hundreds of US schools misses knives
After a school stabbing, a BBC investigation into Evolv’s AI weapons scanner reveals doubts about its effectiveness.
23.05.2023 - 09:21

WhatsApp to allow users to edit messages within 15 minutes
The instant-messaging service, which is used by 2 billion people, counts India as its largest market.
23.05.2023 - 04:31

TikTok sues Montana to overturn first US state ban
The western state last week became the first in the US to ban the hugely-popular video platform.
23.05.2023 - 01:46

Why car parks are the hottest space in solar power
Car parks are a good place for solar panels, providing shade and electricity where it is needed.
23.05.2023 - 01:06


Neeva: Ad-free search engine shuts down
Founded by a former Google exec, Neeva asked people to pay for the service rather than be shown ads.
22.05.2023 - 17:38

China bans major chip maker Micron from key infrastructure projects
It is China's first major move against a US chip maker, as tensions increase between Beijing and Washington.
22.05.2023 - 14:42

Meta: Facebook owner fined €1.2bn for mishandling data
The dispute is over Facebook's transfer of European data to US servers.
22.05.2023 - 14:02

Roblox: Ten-year-old spent £2,500 of mum's money without her knowing
Tesco Bank initially refused to refund the mum but changed its mind after a BBC show got involved.
22.05.2023 - 07:08


Council accidentally published staff salaries online
Personal details of 15,000 South Lanarkshire council staff, including their salaries, were posted online.
19.05.2023 - 15:24

Critics say £1bn for UK chip industry not enough
One CEO says the government's semiconductor strategy does not address the needs of UK chipmakers.
19.05.2023 - 08:24

Montana TikTok creators shrug off state's ban on app
Montana is first US state to ban the app, but influencers there don't seem too concerned.
19.05.2023 - 01:35

How the power of protein is being uncovered
Artificial intelligence has transformed research into proteins and promises new drugs and materials.
19.05.2023 - 00:16

Cash App founder Bob Lee murder suspect pleads not guilty
Nima Momeni, 38, is suspected of stabbing Bob Lee in San Francisco, California, on 4 April.
19.05.2023 - 00:12


Can you get cheaper broadband deals with social tariffs?
Find out whether you are eligible for a social tariff and how to pay less each month.
18.05.2023 - 15:57

Woodward and Bernstein: Watergate reporters warn of the limitations of AI
Journalists Woodward and Bernstein tell the BBC the press is essential in finding the truth.
18.05.2023 - 05:21

TikTok: Montana to become first US state to ban app on personal devices
The Chinese-owned platform said the ban "infringes on the First Amendment rights of the people of Montana".
18.05.2023 - 03:40

One million cancel broadband as living costs rise
Citizen's Advice says the high cost of living means many are struggling to afford the essential service.
18.05.2023 - 01:27


Legend of Zelda game sells 10 million copies in three days
Tears of the Kingdom becomes the fastest-selling game in the Legend of Zelda franchise.
17.05.2023 - 19:40

Colchester City Council investigating Capita over 'serious data breach'
Colchester City Council "extremely disappointed" Capita failed to fully secure historic benefits data.
17.05.2023 - 19:09

Ex-Google CEO: AI on social media is ‘bad for democracy’
AI will render social media even more dangerous for elections in 2024, says Eric Schmidt.
17.05.2023 - 17:21


How computer games encourage kids to spend cash
Many parents are frustrated with games that encourage children to spend money to advance.
16.05.2023 - 01:09


Which European nations are winning the heat pump race?
Nordic countries are way ahead when it comes to installing energy efficient heat pump systems.
12.05.2023 - 01:04


Can a wind turbine handle hurricane speed winds?
As wind farms expand into new areas they will need to withstand extreme wind speeds.
09.05.2023 - 12:21


Why teaching robots to blink is hard but important
Blinking conveys more information than you might think and it's hard to make robots do it properly.
05.05.2023 - 01:12


The people turning time into a currency
So-called "time-banking" schemes are letting people get paid in time credits for the work they do.
01.05.2023 - 02:41


Fruit producers turn to nets for better crops
Rigging nets over trees can protect them from unwanted bugs and extreme weather.
25.04.2023 - 01:36


The wedding tech now at the heart of couples' nuptials
A growing number of brides and grooms are embracing technology for their big day.
24.04.2023 - 01:37


The tech entrepreneur betting he can get younger
Millions of dollars are being poured into research to find ways of making lives longer and healthier.
21.04.2023 - 01:01