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Director James Cameron on the dangers of deepfakes
The award-winning movie-maker hopes critical thinking will combat an influx of deepfake videos.
21.01.2022 - 19:59

Grindr scammer jailed for blackmailing men
Anouar Sabbar had sex with his victims and then demanded payment saying he was an escort, court told.
21.01.2022 - 15:45

Call of Duty to stay on Playstation
Microsoft's big new deal had raised questions over the future of the shooter video game franchise.
21.01.2022 - 15:15

Hearing balls bounce at Australian Open and other tech news
LJ Rich looks at the best of the week's technology news stories.
21.01.2022 - 12:28

Amazon's Alexa returns after morning snooze
Amazon's voice assistant Alexa appeared to be unavailable in the UK and Europe on Friday morning.
21.01.2022 - 11:17

Samsung pulls ad with drag queen after backlash
The ad, which showed a Muslim mother expressing support for her drag queen son, was criticised online.
21.01.2022 - 08:49

Peloton pushes back at production pause report after shares plunge
Its shares fell more than 20% after a report that it planned to temporarily stop production of its machines.
21.01.2022 - 03:44

UK watchdog criticises government encryption campaign
It says delaying the rollout of encrypted message apps leaves everyone at risk, including children.
21.01.2022 - 02:39

Like a drone that you sit in – but would you feel safe?
Personal drones that can transport one or two passengers will soon be available for anyone to buy.
21.01.2022 - 02:11

Can this app help to keep women safe on the streets?
A new safety app has been developed by a team of volunteers with experience of abuse and violence.
21.01.2022 - 01:09


Netflix faces rocky road after pandemic wins
The firm's membership growth slowed significantly last year after surging at the beginning of the pandemic.
20.01.2022 - 23:54

BT to introduce inflation-busting price rises
Most broadband and phone bills will rise by more than 9% at the end of March, BT says.
20.01.2022 - 18:32

Wordle developer donates in-app spend to charity
The developer of a game with the same name as viral hit Wordle gives away the money spent on it.
20.01.2022 - 16:52


Facebook Messenger: The battle over end-to-end encryption
The battle-lines have been drawn - but what is end-to-end encryption and why is it controversial?
19.01.2022 - 15:43

5G phones: How serious is the threat to US flights?
Ten leading US airlines are warning that the expansion of 5G services could be disastrous.
19.01.2022 - 10:56

The women facing rape threats and abuses on Clubhouse
The women say right-wing trolls in India targeted them for criticising Narendra Modi and his government.
19.01.2022 - 01:11


How Nigeria succeeded in clipping Twitter's wings
Some fear that Twitter agreeing to new rules in Nigeria may encourage others to restrict social media.
18.01.2022 - 01:16

What can we do to get more women into coding?
How visual, auditory and kinesthetic tools used to teach kids coding should be adapted for adults.
18.01.2022 - 01:08


How delivery apps created 'the Netflix of food ordering'
Innovative food delivery apps offer everything from multiple restaurant orders to home chef cuisine.
17.01.2022 - 01:06


Pebbles get caught in Mars rover and other tech news
LJ Rich looks at the best of the week's technology news stories.
14.01.2022 - 12:55


The controversy of wood pellets as a green energy source
Wood pellets are touted as a 'green' way to make electricity, but many reject these claims.
11.01.2022 - 01:01


The AI software that could turn you in to a music star
Artificial intelligence is now smart enough to write tracks that earn streaming service royalties.
10.01.2022 - 01:03


CES: Should the world’s biggest tech show have gone ahead?
The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has gone ahead in Las Vegas, despite the pandemic.
07.01.2022 - 11:32

The companies offering delivery to the Moon
Intuitive Machines and its rivals hope to make the first US moon landings since Apollo 17 in 1972.
07.01.2022 - 01:01


From carpenter to property app founder
Michael Cockburn, co-founder of office-working app Desana, shares his business advice.
05.01.2022 - 00:59


Elizabeth Holmes: Has the Theranos scandal changed Silicon Valley?
Could a Theranos scandal happen again or has Silicon Valley learnt its lesson?
04.01.2022 - 01:56

The rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes
The founder of the once promising start-up Theranos has been found guilty of fraud. What went wrong?
04.01.2022 - 01:30

Miners experiment with hydrogen to power giant trucks
Anglo American is testing a hydrogen-powered giant truck in a bid to make its business greener.
21.12.2021 - 02:36


The robot chefs that can cook your Christmas dinner
If you fancy not having to do the cooking on 25 December then a robotic chef might be the solution.
20.12.2021 - 01:00