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Kakao wins control of K-pop powerhouse SM Entertainment
South Korean internet company Kakao has become the largest shareholder of SM Entertainment, winning a battle for control of one of the country's most iconic music agencies.
28.03.2023 - 12:38

Formula Equal: Inside the plans to launch a '50% male, 50% female' F1 team
For the past four years, Craig Pollock has been secretly laying the groundwork for a new Formula One team unlike any other already on the paddock. Now he's ready share his plans with the world.
28.03.2023 - 12:25

Politicians of South Asian descent set to lead Scotland, Britain and Ireland with Yousaf victory
When Humza Yousaf took his oath of allegiance in Scottish parliament in 2016, he wore a gold embroidered sherwani -- a traditional South Asian jacket -- and a kilt.
28.03.2023 - 12:20

Hong Kong's first protest in 3 years shows how the city has changed
With numbered tags around their neck, a small group of 80 demonstrators took part in Hong Kong's first authorized protest in three years on Sunday -- a carefully choreographed event that campaigners say offers a chilling insight into the future of protest in the city.
28.03.2023 - 12:01

Wrexham announces friendly match against Manchester United -- with a little help from the legendary Alex Ferguson
Manchester United and Wrexham announced they will be facing each other in a friendly later this year -- with the help of a surprising sporting crossover.
28.03.2023 - 11:52

Protesters enter French airport amid demonstrations over pension reforms
Protesters entered an airport southwestern France on Tuesday as part of demonstrations against the nation's proposed pension reforms, which have sparked widespread protests and paralyzed major services across the country in recent weeks.
28.03.2023 - 11:45

How US gun culture stacks up with the world
Monterey Park. Atlanta. Orlando. Las Vegas. Newtown. Parkland. San Bernardino. Uvalde. Nashville.
28.03.2023 - 11:23

The company behind Johnnie Walker and Guinness appoints first female CEO
One of the world's largest alcoholic drinks companies has appointed its first female CEO.
28.03.2023 - 11:01

Explained: Trash is piling up on the streets of Paris. Here's why
Senior International Correspondent Sam Kiley breaks down four things you need to know about the French pension reform strikes.
28.03.2023 - 10:54

What someone with an eating disorder wishes you knew
Getting diagnosed with an eating disorder happened by accident to Emily Boring.
28.03.2023 - 10:53

At least 37 migrants killed in fire at Mexico's migration office in Ciudad Juarez
At least 37 people died after a fire at a migration center in Mexico's northern border city of Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua state said in a statement early Tuesday.
28.03.2023 - 10:43

How golf's 'Quadzilla' Kurt Kitayama went from NBA hopeful to a PGA Tour champion
Tigers, great white sharks, and hawks; in terms of nicknames, golf thought it had the top of the food chain covered.
28.03.2023 - 10:31

Angélique Kidjo becomes the third artist from Africa to be awarded prestigious music prize
Five-time Grammy winner Angélique Kidjo has been announced as one of three 2023 Polar Music Prize recipients, putting the Benin-born singer-songwriter in rare company.
28.03.2023 - 10:11

China gave huge loans to Belt and Road countries. Now it's spending billions to bail them out
For the past decade, China has lent massive sums to governments across Asia, Africa and Europe, growing its global influence through its Belt and Road infrastructure megaproject and becoming one of the world's biggest creditors.
28.03.2023 - 10:06

Netanyahu says he will delay judicial overhaul. But is that enough for protesters?

28.03.2023 - 09:37

China's new premier rolls out the welcome wagon for foreign companies
China's new premier, Li Qiang, has offered a hearty welcome to foreign companies in an effort to arrest a slump in business confidence that has exacerbated the country's economic woes.
28.03.2023 - 09:12

A cheetah relocated from Namibia to India as part of conservation efforts has died
A Namibian cheetah relocated to India last year as part of plans to reintroduce the species on the subcontinent died on Monday from a kidney infection, according to Namibia's Cheetah Conservation Fund (CCF).
28.03.2023 - 08:59

Police have 'theory' about motive but continue to probe shooter's home
[Breaking news update, 1:03 p.m. ET]
28.03.2023 - 08:53

Russia takes no chances in defense of Crimea

28.03.2023 - 08:04

Analysis: America's kids are failed again
A more heartrending and quintessentially American scene is hard to imagine.
28.03.2023 - 06:35

Nashville police release security footage in school shooting
CNN's Carlos Suarez breaks down new security footage released by the Metro Nashville Police Department in the deadly school shooting at Covenant School that left three adults and three children dead.
28.03.2023 - 06:18

Dusty painting hidden behind door turns out to be Brueghel 'masterpiece'
A rediscovered painting by Flemish 17th-century painter Pieter Brueghel the Younger, for years hidden in a family house, will be presented for auction in Paris on Tuesday and is expected to fetch 600,000 to 800,000 euros ($649,000 to $865,000).
28.03.2023 - 05:43

Prince Harry and Elton John are going to court in a high-profile fight against the Daily Mail
Another high-octane case against a media outlet is getting underway — this one, across the pond in the UK.
28.03.2023 - 04:14

Nearly 200 Rohingya people land by boat in Indonesia's Aceh
More than 180 Rohingya Muslims landed in Indonesia's Aceh province on Monday, officials said, the latest among hundreds who have fled by boat from desperate conditions in Myanmar and in camps in Bangladesh.
28.03.2023 - 04:10

See why tourists flock from around the world to watch these famous ducks
The Peabody hotel in Memphis hosts an odd tradition that dates back to the 1930's. A special ceremony led by a professional "duckmaster" has captured the hearts of millions of travelers across the world.
28.03.2023 - 04:00

Drone footage shows fallen Russian soldiers in Bakhmut battlefield
Drone footage appears to show freshly dug graves of Russian soldiers in Bakhmut. CNN's Ivan Watson reports.
28.03.2023 - 03:57

What Elian Gonzalez wants for Cuba
More than two decades after he was found clinging to an inner tube in the Straits of Florida, Elián González is taking on his most high profile role since the bitter custody battle that returned him to Cuba.
28.03.2023 - 02:51

Netanyahu says he will delay his judicial overhaul. But will that be enough for protesters?

28.03.2023 - 02:33

How a historic general strike brought Israel to a standstill
Israel's political crisis escalated into uncharted territory as the country's largest trade union announced a "historic" strike shutting down transportation, universities, restaurants and retailers in protest against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's planned judicial overhaul. CNN's Hadas Gold reports.
28.03.2023 - 01:06

Terrifying video captures moment a coyote charges after toddler
A home security camera catches a coyote attack involving a child in Scottsdale, Arizona. CNN affiliate KPNX reports.
28.03.2023 - 01:05

Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Aniston catch Adam Sandler in hilarious lie
Adam Sandler is the 2023 recipient of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor. He was honored at a ceremony in Washington, DC where many of his close friends paid him tribute by poking fun at him.
28.03.2023 - 00:23


Hear what Trump supporters think will happen if Trump is indicted
Supporters at Donald Trump's campaign rally in Waco, Texas weigh in on the former president facing a possible indictment.
27.03.2023 - 23:13

Dashcam video shows car flip mid-air on freeway after hitting a loose tire
Two drivers are okay after one of their tires detached and rolled into the path of the other vehicle on a California freeway, sending it flying into the air.
27.03.2023 - 23:07

Actor Jonathan Majors arraigned on several assault and harassment charges
Actor Jonathan Majors was arraigned on several assault and harassment charges Sunday, the Manhattan DA's office tells CNN.
27.03.2023 - 22:53

Glass beads on the moon's surface may contain a precious resource, study says
Trillions of pounds of water may be strewn across the moon, trapped in tiny glass beads that could have formed when asteroids struck the lunar surface, according to a new study.
27.03.2023 - 22:51

Angry shooting survivor who is visiting Nashville jumps in at news conference
Ashbey Beasley, a survivor of the Highland Park mass shooting that took place July 4, 2022, jumps in at the end of a Nashville police news conference to protest gun violence.
27.03.2023 - 22:28

US air travel is 'overwhelmed' and that's putting off some flyers, industry group says
Travel is so busy this spring break season at Miami International Airport that officials are advising flyers to give themselves an extra hour -- arriving three hours, rather than two -- before a domestic flight.
27.03.2023 - 20:55

Madonna adds special tour date to 'celebrate' the queer community amid anti-LGBTQ legislation
Amid a crushing flood of anti-trans and anti-drag bills cropping up throughout the country, music icon and social activist Madonna is making a change to her upcoming Celebration tour schedule.
27.03.2023 - 20:28

Zakaria says most interesting part of Putin-Xi meeting got least attention
CNN's Fareed Zakaria discusses the potential impact on the US dollar after Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he favors using the Chinese yuan for financial settlements with other countries.
27.03.2023 - 20:25

Nick Cannon opens up about past antisemitic comments and his 'growth moment'
TV personality Nick Cannon has addressed his past antisemitic remarks, describing the subsequent fallout as "a growth moment."
27.03.2023 - 18:03

How fatherhood made this writer take comfort in life's little joys
Fans of Clint Smith may best know the writer and journalist from his extensive work chronicling the history of racism and slavery in the US. Or, maybe, they know Smith from his tweets about soccer, specifically Arsenal F.C. Or, they may recognize his name from his work at The Atlantic.
27.03.2023 - 16:07

Ralphie, the 'demon dog' of Niagara, has finally been adopted
Fourth time's the charm for this mischievous pup -- hopefully.
27.03.2023 - 15:34

Myanmar junta throws huge military parade days after new US sanctions
Myanmar's ruling military paraded an arsenal of weapons in the capital Naypyidaw on Monday, in a grand display of force days after the United States imposed fresh sanctions against the junta for inflicting "pain and suffering on the people of Burma."
27.03.2023 - 08:10


Thanks to AI, Doctor Dolittle may not be the only human talking to animals
The field of digital bioacoustics uses advanced sensors and artificial intelligence technology to observe and decode how many species use their own communication methods to share information with each other. Discovery's Curiosity Daily podcast helps you get smarter about the world around you. Find Curiosity Daily today on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get podcasts. Listen now.
25.03.2023 - 13:55


Nashville shooter was a former student at the private school. police say

01.01.1970 - 01:00

Families of Ukrainians with disabilities face a choice: Put your loved one in institution, or you're on your own
• Video: Volunteer soldier struggles with PTSD
01.01.1970 - 01:00

More Western tanks arrive in Ukraine
• Russia fires cruise missiles in waters off Japan's coast during training exercise • Video shows fallen Russian soldiers in Bakhmut
01.01.1970 - 01:00

British tank arrivals and 2 dead in Russian strikes. The latest on Russia's war in Ukraine

01.01.1970 - 01:00

The 28-year-old attacker killed three 9-year-old students and three adults before being killed by officers
• Police have a 'theory' about motive but continue to probe shooter's home
01.01.1970 - 01:00