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White House drops attempt to cancel $4 billion in foreign aid
The White House has dropped its attempt to move forward with a controversial plan to eliminate up to $4 billion in foreign aid funding without congressional approval, several officials confirmed Thursday.
22.08.2019 - 21:44

Something is eating at Donald Trump

22.08.2019 - 15:59

US travel to Canada highest since 2007
Some 12.3 million US residents headed to Canada in the first half of 2019, the highest first-half record since 2007, according to Statistics Canada.
22.08.2019 - 22:20

Macron delivers tough Brexit message to Johnson
When Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson spoke to reporters ahead of their meeting in Paris on Thursday, they stood side by side but sounded as if they were living in parallel universes.
22.08.2019 - 23:20


Amazon rainforest veers toward a potential disaster
The Amazon is burning -- and humans are likely to blame.
23.08.2019 - 00:33


Cracks are appearing in an important Mideast alliance. That's bad news for Trump

22.08.2019 - 10:13

Watch footage from first Titanic dive in 14 years
See the effects of salt corrosion, metal-eating bacteria and deep current action on the decomposition of the 107-year-old wreck.
22.08.2019 - 14:58

Meghan's friend calls out 'racist bullies' who abuse the duchess
A friend of Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, has defended Prince Harry's wife in a post on Instagram, calling out the "racist bullies" who criticize her, following years of "undeserved hate and abuse."
22.08.2019 - 23:22

South Korea scraps military intelligence-sharing agreement with Japan
South Korea is scrapping its military intelligence-sharing agreement with Japan, the latest escalation in a trade dispute that threatens global supply chains for smartphones and other gadgets.
22.08.2019 - 16:45

British consulate employee detained for 'solicitation of prostitution,' Chinese media reports

22.08.2019 - 16:48

Man accused of upskirting 555 women was caught in the act and arrested
Police in Madrid arrested a 53-year-old man accused of recording intimate videos of more than 500 women without their consent before posting the footage on porn sites.
22.08.2019 - 12:54

Sarah Sanders becomes the latest ex-Trump official to join Fox News
Former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders has joined Fox News as a contributor, the network announced on Thursday. It is the latest sign of the revolving door relationship between Fox and the Trump administration.
22.08.2019 - 22:32

Some of the most-shared images of the Amazon rainforest fires are old or are not of the Amazon
Social media helped increase coverage of the wildfires, but it's also contributing to misinformation.
22.08.2019 - 17:16

US formally pulls Turkey's Patriot missile system offer
The Trump administration has formally withdrawn its offer for Turkey to purchase a Patriot missile system in retaliation for Turkey's receipt of the Russian-made S-400 missile system.
22.08.2019 - 20:00

See moment engine failure forces a plane into ocean
A man and a woman were rescued by the Coast Guard after a small plane went down near Half Moon Bay off the Northern coast of California.
22.08.2019 - 07:53


Correctional officers subpoenaed in Epstein death investigation, a source says
As many as 20 correctional officers who work at the federal detention center where Jeffrey Epstein died by suicide received grand jury subpoenas last week relating to an investigation into his death, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.
23.08.2019 - 01:38


Facebook removes more accounts linked to Myanmar's military
For the fourth time in less than a year, Facebook has removed dozens of accounts, pages and groups linked to the Myanmar military, saying they engaged in suspicious activity and used fake profiles.
22.08.2019 - 15:54

HSBC and other big banks call for a peaceful end to Hong Kong's protests
Global banks want Hong Kong's political crisis to be over.
22.08.2019 - 12:41

Sean Spicer will be dancing. ABC News staff are fuming
Tom Bergeron isn't the only person who's unhappy about the casting of Sean Spicer on "Dancing With the Stars."
22.08.2019 - 22:26

Former Ghana international and 'fan favorite' Junior Agogo dies at 40
A former international footballer for Ghana and a number of English football clubs has died at the age of 40.
22.08.2019 - 17:36

Death row inmate maintains innocence until his execution
A Texas death row inmate continued to maintain his innocence up until he was executed Wednesday.
22.08.2019 - 04:49

Listeria outbreak infects 175 people during peak tourist season in Spain
Spain's health ministry has issued an international health warning over a listeria outbreak that has infected 175 people.
22.08.2019 - 18:14

Watch Russian state TV celebrate Trump's remark
President Donald Trump's comments that he would like to see Russia join the G8 are being lauded on state TV in Russia. CNN's Frederik Pleitgen reports.
22.08.2019 - 01:31


Tests begin to see how people will cope with the world's longest flight
Regular nonstop flights between the east coast of Australia and London or New York could soon become a reality.
23.08.2019 - 01:54


Ship captain who faces prison time for migrant rescues refuses Paris bravery medal
Pia Klemp, the captain of a migrant rescue ship who faces prison time in Italy after rescuing hundreds of migrants in the Mediterranean, has refused a medal awarded by the city of Paris for bravery.
22.08.2019 - 14:48

Indonesia deploys 1,000 police to West Papua to quell protests
Indonesia has sent more than a thousand security personnel to quell protests in the restive provinces of Papua and West Papua, as violence spirals in the region. The protests were sparked by allegations that Indonesian police used excessive force on a group of Papuan students, after they were accused of throwing the country's flag into a ditch.
22.08.2019 - 09:52

German boy, 8, takes car on 87 mph night ride
An 8-year-old German boy stole his mother's car and took it for a night-time drive at 87mph (140kmph) along a highway, local police said.
22.08.2019 - 12:48

Marriott cook planned mass shooting at hotel, police say
Long Beach, California, police arrested a man they say was planning a mass shooting, the police chief said.
22.08.2019 - 13:02

Russia launched rocket with humanoid robot into space
Nicknamed "FEDOR," the Skybot F-850 is on its way to the International Space Station, according to Russian space agency Roscosmos.
22.08.2019 - 17:32

Amazon just opened its biggest office building — and it's not in the United States
Amazon just opened its biggest office building in the world in the Indian city of Hyderabad.
22.08.2019 - 13:13

Father comes home to find his children dead in the garage. Police say his wife is the suspect
A father in California came home to find his two children dead, and their mother is now the lone suspect, Ontario Police said in a statement.
22.08.2019 - 17:24

Huge gust of wind sends man flying onto roof
A group of employees were setting up tents for an event at The Esso Club in Clemson, South Carolina, when a huge gust of wind sent one man flying in the air.
22.08.2019 - 21:24

Rohingya say no to repatriations around anniversary of atrocities
Bangladesh and Myanmar were set to start repatriating Rohingya refugees Thursday, a move that has been widely resisted by many living in the sprawling camps on the border between the two countries.
22.08.2019 - 10:07

More than $1 million in cocaine was found hidden in boxes of bananas at three grocery stores
Authorities are trying to figure out how bricks of cocaine worth more than $1 million wound up in banana shipments delivered to three grocery stores in Washington state.
22.08.2019 - 22:03

Is it a bird or a rabbit? Twitter explodes over this video
The internet is abuzz over a newly resurfaced video from 2017 showing a hand petting a bird. Or is it a rabbit?
22.08.2019 - 06:06

Trump's latest fight with the Squad is in a song on 'The Simpsons'
The creators of television show "The Simpsons" are trolling President Trump yet again. And this time, a bunch of Democratic lawmakers are along for the ride with a parody of the song "America" from "West Side Story."
22.08.2019 - 15:10

Vegan parents whose strict diet left baby 'severely malnourished' avoid jail
An Australian couple, who fed their baby daughter a strict vegan diet resulting in severe malnourishment, have avoided jail time, according to CNN affiliate Seven News.
22.08.2019 - 15:03

Nepal is banning single-use plastic in the Everest region
Nepal is banning single-use plastic on and around Mount Everest in a bid to cut down on the region's trash problem.
22.08.2019 - 13:10

Umpire who clashed with Serena won't work Williams sisters' matches at US Open
Carlos Ramos will not serve as chair umpire for any Serena Williams or Venus Williams matches at the 2019 US Open, a United States Tennis Association spokesman told CNN on Wednesday.
22.08.2019 - 06:13

Greenland sees spike in tourism interest after Trump ponders buying it
Greenland might be the new travel hot spot, thanks to President Trump.
22.08.2019 - 20:07

Kim Kardashian shares 'almost impossible' first photo with all four kids
Kim Kardashian West -- makeup mogul, baby wrangler.
22.08.2019 - 15:53

Theron, Kidman star in movie about Roger Ailes' misconduct
"Bombshell" is an upcoming movie with an all-star cast that tackles the harassment allegations against the late Fox News founder.
22.08.2019 - 01:00

"Free inside our clothes:" Top models remember what it was like to walk a Halston show
To walk a runway for Halston, the archetypal '70s brand created by Roy Halston Frowick, was to feel a sense of freedom in an industry that wasn't always kind to models. And the women who did -- fabled supermodels like Alva Chinn, Pat Cleveland and Karen Bjornson -- were closer to the designer than most.
22.08.2019 - 13:47

The elusive Mexican beach on every Instagrammer's bucket list
When the Mexican military used the Marieta Islands for target practice in the early 1900s, little did they know their efforts would lead to the creation of a future tourist destination.
22.08.2019 - 12:59

Could fake meat burgers make cows obsolete?
The average American eats nearly 60 pounds of beef (27 kg) a year -- roughly equal to a couple of hundred burgers.
22.08.2019 - 09:47


People love this cafe where you pet raccoons
A café in Ukraine is offering its customers a chance to have your coffee while petting raccoons the café owner raised from infancy.
21.08.2019 - 22:58


A bird's-eye view of fiery devastation in Amazon rainforest
Fires are raging at a record rate in Brazil's Amazon rainforest and scientists warn it could strike a devastating blow to the fight against climate change. CNN's Shasta Darlington reports.
23.08.2019 - 00:38


Scientists warn this rainforest fire could strike a devastating blow to the climate crisis
Fires are raging at a record rate in Brazil's Amazon rainforest, and scientists warn that it could strike a devastating blow to the fight against climate change.
22.08.2019 - 07:27


At the bottom of a glacier, climate scientists find troubling signs
On one of the hottest days this summer, locals in the tiny village of Kulusuk, Greenland, heard what sounded like an explosion. It turned out to be a soccer field's worth of ice breaking off a glacier more than five miles away.
20.08.2019 - 07:12


Something is eating at President Trump
• Trump is using messianic language about himself
22.08.2019 - 15:12