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UN warns Israel-Gaza conflict could turn into 'full-scale war'

12.05.2021 - 17:52

Palestinian politician: Israel's behavior led to this escalation
CNN's Rosemary Church speaks with Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, President of the Palestinian National Initiative political party, about the intensifying violence between Israelis and Palestinians.
12.05.2021 - 13:53

In pictures: Violence escalates after clashes in Jerusalem
Tensions between Israelis and Palestinians escalated this week as Palestinian militants in Gaza fired hundreds of rockets into Israel, which in turn ramped up airstrikes across Gaza.
12.05.2021 - 16:22

Liz Cheney's ouster is a major turning point in US political history

12.05.2021 - 19:14

Cheney speaks after being ousted
Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) has been removed from her leadership position within the Republican Party over her criticism of former President Donald Trump.
12.05.2021 - 17:05

Russia and China are turning vaccines into a soft-power win
When Russia's Sputnik V vaccine is unloaded in countries around the world, hundreds of millions of doses will come with the label "Made in China."
12.05.2021 - 05:16

This man sold his car to help India's Covid patients breathe

12.05.2021 - 04:55

Everest climbers asked to return oxygen canisters amid crisis
As Nepal's Covid-19 cases spike, hospitals are starting to turn patients away and doctors are raising the alarm about what they're calling a "crisis of oxygen." Amid the catastrophe, the Prime Minister lost a vital confidence vote, leaving his government heading for collapse. CNN's Anna Coren reports.
12.05.2021 - 06:46

Māori leader removed from New Zealand parliament after performing haka dance
The co-leader of New Zealand's Māori Party has been removed from parliament for the second time this year, after performing a ceremonial dance during a debate about indigenous rights.
12.05.2021 - 13:11

Eritrean troops disguised as Ethiopian military are blocking critical aid in Tigray

12.05.2021 - 15:30

Judge's ruling allows for longer sentence for Derek Chauvin in murder of George Floyd
The judge who oversaw Derek Chauvin's murder trial ruled Wednesday that there were four aggravating factors in the killing of George Floyd, a ruling that allows the judge to give Chauvin a lengthier prison sentence.
12.05.2021 - 17:22

Boris Johnson echoes Republicans with voter ID push
Throughout his time as UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has tried to distance himself from the insinuation that he is the British equivalent of Donald Trump, a comparison that the former US President himself was keen to make.
12.05.2021 - 18:44

UK agrees to transfer of 'Butcher of Bosnia' for remainder of genocide sentence
Britain has agreed to a prisoner transfer of ex-Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadžić, convicted of the Srebrenica genocide, to a UK prison to serve the rest of his sentence, a statement from the British Foreign Office said on Wednesday.
12.05.2021 - 17:50

A tiger seen roaming a Houston yard is nowhere to be found 3 days later
A Bengal tiger named India might still be on the loose three days after it was spotted in a Houston neighborhood and taken away by a man accused of murder.
12.05.2021 - 17:50

Famously well-endowed giant etched on a hillside isn't as old as we thought
A huge chalk figure cut into the side of a hill in southern England is younger than previously thought.
12.05.2021 - 18:05

'Completely false': Dale fact-checks Cruz on voting registration claim
CNN's Daniel Dale fact-checks Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on two claims the senator made during committee hearings.
12.05.2021 - 14:41

Attorneys for Andrew Brown's family will continue to petition for release of all videos of fatal shooting
Following the family's viewing of body and dash camera footage of Andrew Brown Jr.'s death, attorneys for the family recommitted to pursuing the full release of all videos of the shooting.
12.05.2021 - 10:24

The differences between elimination, eradication and herd immunity -- and what it means for Covid-19
After more than a year of politicized science and amid a wave of vaccine hesitancy, the long war against Covid-19 stands at a critical stage.
12.05.2021 - 14:45

Secret Service recovers $2 billion in fraudulently obtained Covid-19 relief funds
Federal officials from the US Secret Service have helped recover around $2 billion in fraudulently obtained Covid-19 relief funds and seized more than $640 million from accused fraudsters, the agency said Wednesday.
12.05.2021 - 17:31

Cupp: Graham said the most honestly naked thing I've heard about state of GOP
CNN's SE Cupp reacts to Sen. Lindsey Graham's analysis that if the GOP were to drive out former President Donald Trump, half the party would leave.
12.05.2021 - 14:19

Transgender woman sues District of Columbia after Department of Corrections houses her in a men's unit
A transgender woman is suing the District of Columbia after its Department of Corrections placed her in a men's jail unit despite her telling officials she identifies as a woman, according to a class-action lawsuit filed Tuesday.
12.05.2021 - 17:08

Top congressional leaders to meet with Biden for the first time in crucial week for his infrastructure plan
President Joe Biden faces a crucial moment on Wednesday in what is shaping up as an important week for his infrastructure priorities when he holds his first bipartisan meeting with the top four members of congressional leadership at the White House.
12.05.2021 - 19:04

We saddled up to make sure Native Americans got to vote
Last fall, in anticipation of a monumental presidential election, I organized the Ride to the Polls campaign, which led Diné voters on horseback to polling places to cast their votes in Arizona. We rode over 20 miles on horseback to honor our ancestors who did not have cars but still rode for miles and hours just to vote. By communicating this history and reminding our young people of these stories, we hoped they'd be motivated to protect the sacred -- our languages, cultures and lands that are impacted by policies and federal resources -- with their votes.
12.05.2021 - 12:11

Lawsuit claims New Jersey Hindu temple was built on forced labor
Six Indian men filed suit against a large Hindu temple in New Jersey on Tuesday, alleging that the prominent sect in charge of the facility lured them halfway around the world with promises of well-paying jobs, only to confine them to the premises to work 80-hour weeks of manual labor.
12.05.2021 - 15:27

CNN anchor presses Sierra Leone's president on corruption claims
CNN's Zain Asher speaks to Sierra Leone President Julius Maada Bio about how he's performing against his campaign promises to root out corruption in the country.
12.05.2021 - 01:08

The UK economy still has a huge mountain to climb
The UK economy is coming out of its deep freeze.
12.05.2021 - 13:01

Companies are being held to ransom. Should they pay up to get back online?
A devastating ransomware attack on a critical fuel pipeline in the United States has highlighted the growing threat that cyber criminals pose to the world's largest corporations and strategic infrastructure.
12.05.2021 - 16:02


'Trojan Footprint' training hopes to send powerful message to Russia
Alex Marquardt reports as CNN gets exclusive access to military exercises being conducted by US troops in conjunction with Eastern European forces as tensions with Russia rise.
11.05.2021 - 23:59


What an ancient poem says about China's fearful tech tycoons
A thousand-year-old poem just cost Chinese delivery giant Meituan tens of billions of dollars in market value, further rattling a tech industry that is already on edge.
12.05.2021 - 12:07

Investors may have misjudged the recovery summer
We've all missed live concerts, weekend getaways and long vacations in the sun.
12.05.2021 - 14:26


It's a boat? It's a plane? No, it's a 'seaglider.' And it goes fast...really fast
Boston-based REGENT says it's planning to build the first all-electric "seaglider," a ground-effect vehicle with top speeds of 180 mph. The company hopes it will change the future of transportation over water.
11.05.2021 - 19:02


Ellen DeGeneres plans to end her talk show in 2022, according to report
Ellen DeGeneres tells The Hollywood Reporter that she plans to end her long-running daytime talk show in 2022.
12.05.2021 - 19:13

Mo Salah's 'killing of innocent people' tweet prompts comments on what he doesn't say
It's a tweet that's received 265,000 likes, been retweeted more than 88,000 times and prompted almost 12,000 comments.
12.05.2021 - 16:57

Boy meets girl. Girl goes traveling for 2 years
American student Nicole Erickson was about to embark on an epic round the world trip. Ahead of her lay two years of adventure that could change her life forever.
12.05.2021 - 13:44

Michael Jordan shares final text messages he exchanged with Kobe Bryant
NBA legend Michael Jordan has shared his final text conversation with the late, great Kobe Bryant.
12.05.2021 - 16:42

'Lost' microbes found in ancient poop could relieve chronic illness
Scientists working with samples of ancient feces have found previously unknown microbes that could help in the fight against chronic illnesses such as diabetes.
12.05.2021 - 17:23

An Australian destroyer arrived in San Diego with 2 dead endangered whales stuck to its hull
Two dead endangered whales dislodged from the hull of an Australian destroyer after the warship docked in San Diego last weekend, according to the Royal Australian Navy.
12.05.2021 - 12:38

Perseverance rover is ready to unlock the history of Mars
For the past month, the Perseverance rover has spent much of its time documenting the flights of the Ingenuity helicopter on Mars. In between those events, the rover has also been taking in the local view and spied a multitude of intriguing rocks.
12.05.2021 - 10:32

US agrees to lift Trump-era ban on China's Xiaomi
The US government will no longer blacklist Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi, lifting a short and contentious ban on Americans investing in the company that was introduced by the Trump administration.
12.05.2021 - 15:14

Struggling restaurant owners pin their hopes on a new recovery fund
The federal Restaurant Revitalization Fund launched last week, aiming to offer direct aid to struggling restaurant owners and caterers -- who were among the hardest hit by pandemic restrictions on gatherings.
12.05.2021 - 16:23

What's happening at US gas stations

12.05.2021 - 18:39

Samantha Bee and Anderson Cooper talk gun reform
Anderson Cooper talks to Samantha Bee about gun reform, parenting advice and comedy during the pandemic. Watch "Full Circle" Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday at 6p E.T.
12.05.2021 - 02:38

Art Gensler, founder of the world's largest architecture firm, has died aged 85
Art Gensler, who grew his San Francisco interior design business into the world's largest architecture firm, has died aged 85.
12.05.2021 - 12:20

Andra Day lost 40 pounds to play Billie Holiday -- but she didn't feel any prettier
Golden Globe-winner Andra Day has revealed that she lost 40 pounds to play jazz legend Billie Holiday -- but it didn't make her feel any prettier.
12.05.2021 - 13:57

Designs unveiled for the world's largest single-domed greenhouse
French architecture firm Coldefy has revealed its latest ambitious project: the largest single-domed greenhouse in the entire world. Spanning over 20,000 square meters (215,278 square feet) the gigantic energy self-sufficient structure, christened "Tropicalia," is set to be completed in 2024 in the Cote d'Opale, or Opal Coast, in France.
12.05.2021 - 12:04


The best home workouts designed by the fittest people on the planet
How would you like to get in shape? We mean really in shape. Four of the best Crossfitters on the planet share some home workouts to keep you in shape despite the lockdown.
11.05.2021 - 20:34


Liz Cheney is ousted from Republican leadership, confirming the transformation of a party into one that punishes truth telling
Liz Cheney won't move on and stop speaking about the threat to American democracy posed by Donald Trump for a simple reason: It hasn't gone away.
12.05.2021 - 15:39

Cheney booed in speech prior to vote when she criticized Trump
Rep. Liz Cheney lost her post in the House Republican leadership on Wednesday after publicly rejecting for months former President Donald Trump's lie that he won the 2020 presidential election.
12.05.2021 - 18:44

This one line from Cheney's speech will haunt Republicans
The removal of Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney from her role as the third-ranking Republican in House leadership happened quickly on Wednesday morning. Less than a half hour after House Republicans convened, Cheney had been removed by voice vote.
12.05.2021 - 17:29

Analysis: Here's how you know Republicans are embarrassed about their move on Cheney
In the space of 30 minutes, behind closed doors and by a voice vote, Republicans removed Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney from her role as the third-ranking GOP leader.
12.05.2021 - 17:48