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US withdrawing from UN Human Rights Council

20.06.2018 - 01:52


Trump ramps up rhetoric: 'Illegal immigrants ... infest our country'

19.06.2018 - 23:03


Members of Jeff Sessions' church charge him with violating rules
More than 600 members of the United Methodist Church have issued a formal complaint against Attorney General Jeff Sessions, a fellow church member, charging that his "zero tolerance" policy on immigration violates church rules and may constitute child abuse.
20.06.2018 - 04:23


Kellyanne Conway fires back at Cuomo: How dare you

19.06.2018 - 03:45


Turkey to get F-35 jets Thursday despite opposition from US Congress

20.06.2018 - 00:10


Beijing: We'll 'strike back hard' on Trump's $200B tariff threat

19.06.2018 - 19:34


Dow plunges as trade war fears escalate

20.06.2018 - 00:15


Trump's latest trade threat: What you need to know

19.06.2018 - 20:28

Macron tells teenager: 'Call me Mr. President'
French President Emmanuel Macron is rarely one to shy away from taking a selfie with the crowds or sharing a high-five, but there is one informality he won't tolerate -- nicknames.
19.06.2018 - 18:22

Baby born on Paris train offered free travel
It's not often a morning train delay announcement provokes smiles.
19.06.2018 - 21:06


Study finds surprising effects of light alcohol consumption on cancer risk
The science is clear: Drinking too much alcohol is bad for your health, but exactly how low-risk is light drinking?
20.06.2018 - 03:30

Refugees held by Australia languish in a world beyond suffering and suicide
We are forgotten people, discarded on forgotten islands.
20.06.2018 - 05:51

World's 50 best restaurants for 2018 announced
The world's 50 best restaurants for 2018 have been named in Bilbao, Spain. So where's the No. 1 place to dine? Hint: It's a restaurant in Southern Europe.
20.06.2018 - 02:00


Rapper XXXTentacion predicted his own death
XXXTentacion spoke on his death before he was killed Monday.
19.06.2018 - 15:56

Kim Jong Un meets with Xi Jinping in Beijing

19.06.2018 - 15:27

Japan seals historic win over 10-man Colombia

19.06.2018 - 22:19

Fans raise wheelchair-bound man in moment of celebration -- and unity
The World Cup is more than just a global sporting event that inspires fierce pride and intense competition. It's also meant to unite people.
19.06.2018 - 23:07

What is VAR? The Video Assistant Referee explained
It's being talked about around the world, dominating discussion in stadiums, crowded pubs and millions of households.
19.06.2018 - 13:37

Hat allegedly worn by Napoleon at Waterloo sold for over $400K
A hat said to be worn by Napoleon Bonaparte at the Battle of Waterloo sold for more than $400,000 at an auction in Lyon, France.
19.06.2018 - 18:35


Pakistan: Adventure travel's best-kept secret?
When the British Backpacker Society released its list of 20 adventure travel destinations for 2018, the top spot was taken by a somewhat surprising entry: Pakistan.
20.06.2018 - 02:07


Meghan and Harry attend Royal Ascot with the Queen
Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex, has made her first appearance at the UK's prestigious Royal Ascot -- the jewel in the crown of the British horse racing calendar.
19.06.2018 - 18:15

Musk says Tesla employee admitted sabotage

19.06.2018 - 19:00


The last hope for elephants?

01.01.1970 - 01:00


New particle could be mysterious dark matter
There is new evidence supporting the existence of a subatomic particle called the sterile neutrino, a possible candidate for dark matter, writes Don Lincoln
20.06.2018 - 00:13

General Electric gets booted from the Dow

20.06.2018 - 00:14


Parents billed after kid drops $132K statue
The parents of a 5-year old are on the hook for a steep bill after their son toppled a statue worth $132,000.
17.06.2018 - 13:30


How does Trump's Space Force compare to Russia and China's?
US President Donald Trump's mooted Space Force, which he suggested will be a "separate but equal" branch of the military, is vital to maintaining a tactical advantage over geopolitical adversaries, according to analysts and members of the US military.
20.06.2018 - 02:41


Device to trick Tesla Autopilot banned in US

19.06.2018 - 19:11

Exactly how much trouble is the Trump Foundation in?
Last Thursday, the attorney general of New York sued the Trump Foundation, alleging that the organization affiliated with the President of the United States and his family had broken a number of laws governing charitable groups. "As our investigation reveals, the Trump Foundation was little more than a checkbook for payments from Mr. Trump or his business to nonprofits, regardless of their purpose or legality," said Barbara Underwood, the Empire State's AG.
19.06.2018 - 19:16


Actress posts video of Tesla ablaze
On Friday, actress Mary McCormack tweeted a video of a Tesla in flames. She says the car belonged to her husband and that the fire happened 'out of the blue'.
18.06.2018 - 22:12


This electric speedboat smashed a world speed record
An electric speed boat built by British car manufacturer Jaguar using Formula E technology has smashed a decade-old world speed record.
19.06.2018 - 13:54

Thinking about a cruise? What you may not know
Sailing into a new era of ultimate getaways, cruising has never been more on the pulse of what vacationers want: adventure, relaxation and Instagram-worthy food.
19.06.2018 - 17:23


The Disney magic that made 'Incredibles 2' a hit

20.06.2018 - 00:00


Does marijuana increase sexual desire?
In the movie "Annie Hall," the titular character likes to smoke a joint at bedtime because, she says, it relaxes her and helps get her in the mood for sex -- even though her boyfriend claims it cheapens the experience.
19.06.2018 - 10:05

Australasia's coolest little city?
Dunedin, on New Zealand's idyllic South Island, isn't getting as many tourists as nearby Queenstown. But that's good news for travelers who want to experience the country's famous hospitality but aren't as keen on Hobbits.
19.06.2018 - 03:05


Patients choose: Deafness or death?
The terror crept over Khumbulani Shandu.
18.06.2018 - 17:14


Paris is hosting a nude picnic, and everyone's invited
The French capital's Nudists Association is hosting a giant picnic for naturists in Bois de Vincennes park.
19.06.2018 - 18:53


Inside the world's best-dressed subcultures

10.12.2015 - 17:35


Rare French artifacts hit auction block
A much-admired businessman, intellectual, avid collector and undeniable aesthete, the late Pierre Bergé was also widely known as the co-founder of the Yves Saint Lauren fashion house, and the designer's one-time romantic partner and lifelong friend.
19.06.2018 - 14:36

Frida Escobedo's 2018 Serpentine Pavilion
A lot has gone right for Frida Escobedo in her relatively short career as an architect. Add to that her invitation to design the 18th Summer Pavilion at London's Serpentine Gallery -- at 38, she is the youngest to do so and the first female principal since Zaha Hadid began the tradition in 2000.
19.06.2018 - 03:03

How billionaire preppers plan to ride out the apocalypse
Say "doomsday bunker" and most people would imagine a concrete room filled with cots and canned goods.
17.10.2017 - 13:44


Back-to-back champion inspired to get off couch
Brooks Koepka became the first man to win back-to-back US Open titles for 29 years after overcoming a testing and controversial week at Shinnecock Hills.
18.06.2018 - 17:03

Life span of an airplane: from birth to death
Aerial photographer Mike Kelley followed an airplane from assembly at Boeing Field to dismemberment in an aircraft boneyard in the deserts of California.
18.06.2018 - 11:26


Trump: 'Illegal immigrants ... infest our country'

19.06.2018 - 20:45


$30M in cryptocurrencies reported stolen

20.06.2018 - 04:36


North Korea to return US troop remains soon
The Trump administration is expecting North Korea to return up to 200 sets of remains believed to be US servicemembers who died during the Korean War, according to four administration officials.
19.06.2018 - 22:44

Rapper Jimmy Wopo killed in drive-by
Rapper Jimmy Wopo was killed Monday in the Pittsburgh neighborhood he helped make famous. He was 21.
19.06.2018 - 17:46

Japan's historic win over 10-man Colombia
It was a match which had plenty of talking points -- a first red card of the World Cup, a penalty, a clever freekick and a historic first win for Japan over Colombia as the Blue Samurai beat the South American team 2-1 in their opening World Cup match.
19.06.2018 - 19:44


Futuristic digital-only museum to open
There are plenty of unusual museums in the world -- museums for sex, museums for ice cream, museums for hair. But they all rely on a tried-and-tested formula: presenting (mostly) inanimate objects on white walls, atop plinths or in glass boxes.
20.06.2018 - 04:38